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“Health Care” VS “Symptom Management”

13 Jan, 2012 - Acupuncture, Blog, Naturopathy

“Health Care” VS “Symptom Management”Who thinks that what the media, doctors and insurance companies call “health” care is, in fact disease management? Who has experienced being prescribed a cocktail of drugs and surgery without answers, solutions, or any education or lifestyle intervention to prevent your problem from returning? Who thinks that , frequently, this “disease” management results in a downward spiral for the individual who never again regains true, vibrant health?

Conventional mainstream medicine would say that a person who had no symptoms is well, and if they could not determine a cause for symptoms for which an individual sought treatment, they would likely say, “it’s psychosomatic….all in your head”.

Enter the concept of “unconventional” medicine, aka preventative medicine, alternative medicine, complementary therapies, whichever term you’d prefer.

Alternative medicines work in 2 ways. Therapies like Naturopathy and Acupuncture can not only detect and treat imbalances in the body before they become unwanted symptoms or disease states (preventative medicine), they can also effectively treat disease states once they have occurred. And they do so by determining the root causes of the imbalance, taking into account the patient’s entire make-up instead of a reductionist view of one particular organ system.  Instead of medicating for one symptom, and then medicating for that medication’s side-effects, acupuncture and herbal supplements treat the pattern of the disease – the multifaceted relationship between all your organ systems, thus re-establishing homeostasis within the body.

While there is definitely a valid and much-needed place for mainstream medicine in our society, conventional mainstream medicine would say that if a person had no symptoms then they are well. Basically, you live how you want to live and then as soon as your body can’t maintain your life and health choices any more, and symptoms start to develop, then there is something wrong with you and you will need drugs and/or surgery to get better.

Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and other alternative therapies see beyond this mind-set and acknowledge that health is far greater than just being symptom-free. Health becomes then a way of life, a daily practice of good lifestyle choices which not only keeps you symptom-free but keeps you radiating vitality, energy and positivity.

This then , becomes true health care, instead of simple disease management. Ultimately, the aim of what we call “true health care” is to restore a patient to their full potential in life, where they have the energy and vitality to take on anything they choose to, supported by true, vibrant health.

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