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Natural Treatments For Cardiovascular Disease

By Mary Melling.

Chinese Medicine

In the article Six Steps To A Healthy Heart we talk about many of the life style changes we can all make to improve and protect our whole cardio vascular system. It is important to look after our bodies and prevent problems but what about when you have already been put in a risk category? Your blood pressure is high, you are overweight, you suffer anxiety and your heart beats far too fast or irregularly? You may have already had your first stroke or heart attack or have been diagnosed with some other cardio vascular condition?

The first thing to mention is that we don’t ask people to stop the medication their doctor has put them on. It may be possible in the future that medication can be reduced or stopped but only with proper care and consideration. We can work hand in hand with any other treatments you are having and we are aware of herb-drug interactions. Having said this there is LOTS we can do to help you.

Acupuncture For Cardiovascular Problems

People may come to our clinic with an already diagnosed medical condition related to the cardio vascular system. However we can help in a very non evasive way to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, etc. Often people with cardiovascular problems will present with flushing in the face, cold hands and feet, anxiety, breathlessness etc. There are wonderful acupuncture treatments to help with these conditions and to calm the “Shen”. Shen is loosely translated as the spirit in Chinese medicine and can be disturbed and become restless when we are stressed or when we have inflammation in our bodies for example. Calming the Shen can relax the whole body returning us to a sense of wellbeing and less pressure.

Acupuncture is a wonderful modality to help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, decrease stress, slow down an over excited heart and many other symptoms related to cardio vascular health. A new recently published case study highlights the efficaciousness of acupuncture for the treatment of hypertension, high blood pressure.

Researchers measured several key improvements as a result of acupuncture treatments. The patient had a significant reduction in blood pressure, fewer side effects from antihypertensive medications and an increased sense of well-being. The goal of the study was to measure the effects of acupuncture on hypertension for a patient having difficulty tolerating medications for the condition. The researchers concluded that acupuncture has a synergistic effect when combined with antihypertensive medication.

Herbs For Cardiovascular Problems

We also know that supplements and herbs can also have a synergistic effect with acupuncture when treating cardio vascular disease including hypertension. In fact, treating anyone who has a long term complaint involves what can be described as the mosaic approach. We need to treat the individual and find out all the influences on their condition and address them. This means that if someone presents with high blood pressure and atherosclerosis for example, we need to do our detective work to find out what is going on. In the mean time of course, the blood pressure needs to be regulated. Inflammation in the body appears to be one of the big factors with these conditions and so the simple garlic and turmeric are wonderful herbs for the cardiovascular system and for calming down inflammation.

New research on beetroot has shown that it can lower blood pressure. The best form of beetroot to use is baked or juiced so either put it in your juice in the morning or bake it with other vegetables. It is one of the richest sources of nitrates and acts as reservoir for the production of nitric oxide. Other preparations of beetroot tend to leach the nitrate out. Gone are the days when beetroot just used to come out of a tin swimming in vinegar! Nitrates can lead to vasodilatation (blood vessels being more relaxed), the lowering of blood pressure and an improvement of tissue nutrition. If your blood pressure is already low you need not fear that it will become even lower.

Natural products aim to correct a problem, not create one.

There are many herbs that can be prescribed in cardio vascular disease and the old favorites such as Hawthorn, gingko and garlic are used constantly in our practice. The main thing however is that there is usually more than one only factor involved when working with people’s health concerns and it is a matter of advising life style changes, encouraging relaxation and possibly weight loss, supplements and herbs, and potentially acupuncture and massage.

Our aim is to get the best results possible for your health and well being.

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