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Western Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine helps to enhance the body’s natural healing capacities, optimise the body’s natural functions and restore balance.

Many conditions both acute and chronic,respond to herbal medicines. Body systems such as the digestive, immune, lymphatic, reproductive, nervous and circulatory systems may all benefit from herbal medicines.

It can be used for short or long term effect and continue to offer a quality source of complementary or alternative medicine to orthodox or pharmaceutical substances, often without the side effects of modern drugs or the long-term dependence.

In Western Herbal Medicine, various parts of plants are used to deliver the desired effect. In Australia, herbal medicines are either made from pure wildcrafted, organically grown or imported plants. Herbal medicine products come in convenient, practical and palatable forms such as tablets, capsules, tinctures, powders and topical creams.

It is recommended you consult a qualified and accredited Herbalist or Naturopath for your specific needs. Self-prescribing can often be time wasting and costly. A practitioner designs specific herbal formulas and dosages for your unique individuals needs.



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