Metaphysics Workshop

Event Date: Sat 17/04/2021
  to  Sat 17/04/2021

1.00pm - 5.00pm

Event Location: 12/261 Given Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064

An introduction to metaphysics and a basic guide to understand your connection to spirit.

This workshop is designed to give an overview of Metaphysics, what is the universe, who are we, what is spirit and how they all relate. It is meant to give you some very clear, easy to understand, science based understanding of how we are all connected and how you are a spirit living in a physical body.

We will also talk about some practical things you can do to help deepen your understanding and experience with these topics. The information provided is very easy to digest whilst also very applicable.

Previous participants of the workshop have said:

‘Joel has this wonderfully generous way of sharing experience and knowledge in an accessible, tangible way. He offers from a place of deep understanding and personal practice which is invaluable in communicating concepts to a wide audience, regardless of differing individual experience. Without hesitation I would recommend exploring some learning with Joel if you have the opportunity’ Kathryn P

“Joel Is a master at presenting interesting informative workshops in a casual friendly way. The passion he displays is also highly infectious. Thank you for a great afternoon.” Margaret U

“Joel is a knowledgeable and natural facilitator, in tune with the needs of participants. The content rich and engaging. I really enjoyed the opportunity to join like-minded people to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. I recommend Joel’s workshops to those who seek to learn, explore or build on knowledge about connection to mind, body and spirit.

I will be signing up for future workshops. A really positive experience. Thanks Joel!”  Renay A

Joel’s workshop was an incredibly compelling and comprehensive introduction to the potential impact that study into metaphysics can have on your life. We covered a lot of ground in 4 hours, and although each topic presented a great deal of information, Joel was focused and discerning as a facilitator, and ensured that the right information was being shared in a really accessible way. It’s difficult to use language to capture the essence of this realm, however Joel managed to share in a way that felt authentic, well considered and thoughtful to everyone who had varying degrees of understanding / different points of entry. After leaving the workshop I’ve felt more confident in my own intuitive abilities and more curious to invite this realm to expand my understanding of my own reality. Would highly recommend! Emily D.