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At Paddington Clinic we focus on tailoring specific wellness solutions that incorporate your needs and health goals. What does this mean?

  • You get the best possible care from a team of Brisbane Natural Health practitioners working together to create optimal results.
  • You get the benefit of a variety of services that are best suited to your needs.
  • We utilise specific testing that enables us to create clear goals, measurable results and effective solutions.
  • We focus on Wellness and quality of life not just absence of disease.

Our results are guaranteed, so you have complete peace of mind. What are you waiting for?

Brisbane Natural Health - Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia

Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia

Stress is a leading cause of illness, affecting the circulatory system, organs, glands and the nervous system. Over an extended period, chronic stress can lead to many health disorders. Examples are depression, chronic immune disorders, thyroid dysfunction, menstrual disorders, infertility and chronic fatigue. It also affects our sense of happiness, fulfillment and ability to enjoy relationships.

Brisbane Natural Health - Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia Immune Restoration

Immune Restoration

The immune system works to protect us like a moat around a castle. It constantly guarding against bacteria, viruses, germs, pathogens and toxins that bombard our bodies daily. At Paddington Clinic we test for imbalances and design natural therapies to minimise risk factors.

Weight Management

Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight is not just about looking good. Being within a healthy weight range means your risk of developing a chronic disease is greatly minimised. Everyone is unique. We believe the best long-term results are achieved from a custom designed weight loss programme.

Brisbane Natural Health Healthy Ageing & Wellness

Healthy Ageing & Wellness

Ageing healthily and with vitality is possible with natural therapies. No matter what age you are, natural therapies assist in preventing the breakdown of cells and tissues. They provide you with optimal nutrition and boosting the vitality of your cells and internal organs. It’s never too late to support healthy ageing.

Brisbane Natural Health Detoxification


Toxicity is a major contributing factor to compromised health. As well as the toxic by-products of our own metabolism, we are faced with toxins in our food and drink. From alcohol, cigarettes, medical drugs, cosmetics, household cleaning products, pollution and environmental poisons. Toxins also come from internal substances like leaky gut, stress, and maldigestion.

Brisbane Natural Health - Natural Fertility Management

Natural Fertility Management

Making a baby sounds simple but for many couples this dream seems unachievable. Due to a wide range of causes the fertility in both men and women can rapidly decline. These can be hormonal disturbances, autoimmune disease, infection, oxidative stress, obesity, and lifestyle factors.

Brisbane Natural Health IVF Support

IVF Support

At our Brisbane Natural Health Clinic we offer a number of different IVF acupuncture programs. They are designed to optimise your chances of getting pregnant. Also to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Acupuncture IVF Support plans are based on clinical trials. They range from preconception programs to one or two treatments on the day of embryo transfer, to a course of treatment leading up to embryo transfer and continuing after that transfer.

Pain Clinic

Pain Clinic

A systematic and rapid approach to resolving the underlying issues related your pain. Pain is a warning signal that an underlying need isn’t being met in the body. The goal of the clinic is to quickly and efficiently find this cause. Then we apply the appropriate natural health solution and make fundamental change.



Fatigue is not a natural state of health, it’s an indication that something is out of balance. Chronic tiredness is one of the most common symptoms that patients present with at the clinic. Most clients have had numerous tests in an effort to get to the bottom of their fatigue only to be told they are in perfect health.

Brisbane Natural Health Solutions: What’s the best way to get started?

The best way to start is to have a Wellness Assessment. This will look at your current symptoms and underlying factors contributing to these symptoms. This is a great way to get a very clear picture of where your health is, where it needs to go and what needs to be done to get you there.

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