Paddington natural health clinic: FAQ's

Our Paddington natural health clinic provides a huge range of natural health services. We treat numerous conditions with great effectiveness, through Acupuncture, Naturopathy, massage, Herbal medicine and more.

How do I know what treatment to use?

At Paddington Clinic we tailor wellness programs specific to your needs and goals. You can request specific treatments if you have had a great experience with them before or have a particular interest. However, generally treatment modalities will be selected by your Senior Practitioner to get you the best results sooner.

What is a Senior Practitioner?

A Senior Practitioner is the practitioner that will oversee your treatment solution. They will go over your testing results, work alongside your Associate Practitioner, and tailor a treatment solution that is best suited for you.

What is an Associate Practitioner?

An Associate Practitioner is one of the key practitioners working on your health solution. They will work with you under the recommendation of the Senior Practitioner to help you reach optimal health.

Why do I see a team of Practitioners?

At Paddington Clinic we offer a team based approach to your health. This allows you to utilize the knowledge, skill and treatments offered by different practitioners. Your health solution will be managed by your Senior practitioner so all practitioners are working together to get you the best results.

How many different Practitioners will be looking after me over the course of my treatment?

With our treatment programs there will be a minimum of two Practitioners working on your health solution; a Senior Practitioner and at least one Associate practitioner. However, if more treatment services are needed to get you optimal results then more Practitioners will be available to assist you.

Why do I have testing done?

The non invasive testing we use at the clinic helps to tailor specific solutions for your condition. Any testing done is to aid the efficiency of your treatment. It will also give clear before and after information so we can assess how well your treatment is progressing.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on the type of condition you have and whether it is acute or chronic. At the clinic we are focused on your health outcome and will recommend what is most appropriate. You’ll be given a clear treatment plan before you undertake a program so you will know exactly what is involved before you start.

Will I receive health fund rebates for my treatment?

Yes, most health funds will cover natural medicine. If you are unsure check with your health fund or ask at reception.

What is the best way to get started?

The best way to start is to have a Wellness Assessment. This will look at your current symptoms and underlying factors contributing to these symptoms. This is a great way to get a very clear picture of where your health is, where it needs to go and what needs to be done to get you there.

or book a no obligation free 15 minute  mini consult with one of our senior practitioners.

If you’d like to ask anything not covered here, please get in touch.