Natural Fertility Management for Men & Women in Brisbane

Making a baby sounds simple but for many couples this dream seems unachievable.

Due to a wide range of causes fertility in both men and women can rapidly decline. This can include hormonal disturbances, autoimmune disease, infection,  obesity and lifestyle factors. As a leading Natural Therapies Fertility clinic in Brisbane, Paddington Clinic has a vast experience in supporting people obtaining a healthy pregnancy.

How can we help you?

Pre conception –  Conception (including IVF support) –  Pregnancy  –  Labour –  Post-Birth

In Women, natural therapies may assist with:

  • Improving your understanding of your mensural cycle and the possible effects on fertility;
  • Increasing your vitality with appropriate Natural Therapies;
  • Supporting the effectiveness of IVF treatments;
  • Reducing stress;
  • Nutritional support for the parents;
  • Reducing pregnancy-related conditions such as nausea, fatigue, and muscular pain;
  • Decreasing the need for artificial labour induction;
  • Assisting in post-birth recovery.

In Men, natural therapies may assist with:

  • Improving your understanding of sperm and its role in fertility;
  • Reducing stress;
  • Optimising nutrition in order to maximise sperm health and minimise toxic overload;

Pre-conception care for both partners is the best way to enhance fertility. This enriches your chances of not only conceiving a baby, but of having the healthiest child possible.

Our Brisbane Natural Fertility Clinic offers a comprehensive range of natural therapies to maximise fertility in both men and women. We will design a fertility management program specifically for you and your circumstances.

Natural Therapies that may be included in your program: