Online Meditation Group

8:00pm - 8:30pm

Event Location: Monday evenings via Zoom

We have started a monthly meditation group. This is a guided meditation to help you be calm, connect to self and support the body to develop a state conducive with healing and thriving.

Each meditation is different and will be recorded so you can use it later in the week or have access to it if you can’t make it on the night.

All meditation is different, this practice is focused on guiding you into a state that supports healing and connection to yourself.

Each month there will be information on the monthly topic which is designed to help deepen your self awareness and understand what is possible.

What people say about the meditations:

Meditation with Joel is an adventure that invites you to a deeper conversation and understanding of the possibility of your own life. This is artful work for your growth and evolution facilitated skilfully by Joel in a way that feels utterly personal but also gifts you the collective energy of the group.
Marissa C

Joel’s group meditations are powerful. They’re sometimes profoundly relaxing, sometimes surprising, but always nurturing. I feel challenged but also encouraged and more grounded. Joel’s presence is warm and confident yet humble and I really like his delivery,  which is pleasant and well paced. Love these sessions and often repeat them.
Virginia J

Joel’s weekly meditations have quickly become a cherished anchoring point of my week. Always relevant, always nourishing, they are a gentle offering of guidance toward the innermost parts of ourselves who yearn to be bought into the light with a little care and a little love. Even online, Joel’s kind, heartfelt intention as a facilitator and the shared connection and presence of the group is something quite special.
Kathryn P

I am enjoying Joel’s weekly meditations, as I see it draws on his varied healing knowledge. This makes each meditation feel very deep and complete. The live sessions have a wonderful energy, yet the recordings are equally beneficial to go back to over the week. Highly recommend.
Elise P

I enjoy the meditation sessions as they are appropriate and more in sync with the energy healing sessions. After the meditation I feel peaceful and relaxed.
Pauline M