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Injury Management and Chinese Medicine

1 Sep, 2022
Often when we get an acute injury, we are told to ice the area. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is the well known first-line intervention for acute injuries. This has been the prevailing advice for many years, but this…
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Living With The Seasons: Summer in Chinese Medicine

6 Jan, 2022
Summer is the time of year when nature is at its fullest, the weather is warm and our calendars are bursting. Sunlight fills our homes early in the mornings, waking us from our slumbers with the promise of a fresh…
Clearing Chronic Conditions With Acupuncture

How to Clear Mental Fog with Chinese Medicine

5 Oct, 2021
Are you having difficulties recalling what you ate for dinner last night or feeling generally fuzzy in the head? Do you have trouble coming up with new ideas or find yourself having to study twice as much to retain half…