How to Clear Mental Fog with Chinese Medicine

5 Oct, 2021

Are you having difficulties recalling what you ate for dinner last night or feeling generally fuzzy in the head? Do you have trouble coming up with new ideas or find yourself having to study twice as much to retain half the information? Brain fog can muddle our words as much as our thoughts. It can drain our creative juices, zap our confidence, and make us question our intelligence.

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Enhancing the ability to think clearly is something your practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you with. Although there can be many factors contributing to ‘brain fog,’ sometimes it is an imbalance of the spleen that needs treatment.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Spleen is paired with the Stomach and is related to food and fluid assimilation in the body and the transformation of these substances into usable nutrients and substances. The Spleen function in this context is very different from the way that the spleen organ is viewed in western medicine. Spleen Qi Deficiency is associated with Internal Dampness, weight gain or bloating, digestive issues, and the emotions related to the Earth element including an apathetic view-point or worrisome personality. It is also largely associated with this concept of brain fog, muddled thinking and a fuzzy mind, as the Spleen’s function of moving body fluids becomes impaired and dampness clouds the mind as a result.

According to the theory of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the spleen also houses the Yi. The concept of Yi is akin to the intellect. The intellect is another way of describing the mental powers of an individual, including the abilities to reason and perceive the intended meanings of words and ideas. Sometimes when there is an imbalance of the spleen, the Yi can suffer and the ability to think clearly is impaired.

What Causes Spleen Qi Imbalances?

Typically, Spleen damage occurs with poor lifestyle habits including an improper diet, too much exposure to a damp environment or damp weather, or a genetic predisposition to Spleen imbalances. Medications such as steroids and prolonged use of antibiotics can also damage the Spleen according to traditional Chinese medicine and lead to Internal Dampness. Many of us were over-prescribed antibiotics as children, damaging are sensitive and underdeveloped digestive systems; this set the stage for chronic allergies, sinusitis, fungal infections, and digestive issues in our adult years.

Your acupuncturist will need to perform an evaluation to discover if the spleen is contributing to your brain fog. During the medical intake, questions will be asked regarding all your symptoms, including your emotional state. If the spleen is found to be deficient, acupuncture needles will be inserted at specific points on your body to correct the problem and/or herbs prescribed to tonify the spleen and remove dampness from the body.

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