The Natural Baby Health Check-Up

1 May, 2018
It is common for a newborn baby to be given a health check-up by a paediatrician or GP but how many are checked over by a natural health practitioner with the different diagnostic tools they offer? At Paddington Clinic, we…

Why Your Hormones Need You To Cleanse

27 Aug, 2016
There are so many reasons why a cleanse is a great idea for your insides – not limited to happy bowels, less bloating, weight loss, clearer skin…actually pretty much every corner of your wellbeing loves you for it. People think…

5 Signs Your Hormones Are Out of Whack

27 Aug, 2016
Do you feel like something is just not right? You’re not sick.  You’re not in physical pain. But something just isn’t quite letting you feel 100%. It could be your hormones. If you’re eating more, sleeping less, and feeling frazzled,…