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The Truths and Myths of Sports Recovery

7 Oct, 2022
Recovery after training and competition allows athletes to return to their normal physiological and psychological state as rapidly as possible. Various techniques are employed by athletes so that performance in their next competition or training session will not be unduly…
Toyahari acupuncture Brisbane

Injury Management and Chinese Medicine

1 Sep, 2022
Often when we get an acute injury, we are told to ice the area. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is the well known first-line intervention for acute injuries. This has been the prevailing advice for many years, but this…
chicken soup

RECIPE: Postpartum Chicken Soup

17 Jun, 2022
We recommend this to all new mothers to help replenish blood, energy and kidney reserves after childbirth. It’s also a great meal to drop around to new mothers to help nourish them and to support those first few weeks of…
bone broth

RECIPE: Nourishing Bone Broth

10 Jun, 2022
Bone broth has been around for centuries and for good reason – It’s full of nutrients, amino acids, and minerals. You can drink it straight or save it for making stews or casseroles, simmering grains, or using it in any…

What Your Body Is Telling You It Wants This Winter

22 May, 2022
Our bodies require certain things from us during the cooler months. According to Chinese medicine, winter is a time of full ‘Yin’, meaning more quiet, inward activities are required. It’s also Kidney time, which means that by abiding by what…
Are You Sick of Catching Colds & Flu’s?

Are You Sick of Catching Colds & Flu’s?

17 Apr, 2022
Colds and flu’s can strike at any time, not just the dreaded winter season. Some people are more susceptible to catching them, and here’s to understanding why: Why Do We Get Colds & Flu’s? If you regularly catch colds and…

Our 5 Favourite Go-To Products To Have On Hand For Kids

5 Feb, 2022
Here at Padding ton Clinic, Brisbane, we love seeing your children and offering safe alternatives to their health care, whether it’s to test for food intolerances, to boost their immune systems, to calm their nerves, to help with digestive issues…