Clearing Chronic Conditions With Acupuncture

How to Clear Mental Fog with Chinese Medicine

5 Oct, 2021
Are you having difficulties recalling what you ate for dinner last night or feeling generally fuzzy in the head? Do you have trouble coming up with new ideas or find yourself having to study twice as much to retain half…
Spring Flowers

Living With The Seasons: Spring

8 Aug, 2021
A guiding principal in Chinese Medicine is that by living and harmonising yourself with the seasons, you are able to cultivate your health and prevent disease. After all, Chinese medicine sprang from the observation of nature and is organized around…
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Constipation: Have You Tried Acupuncture?

30 Jan, 2020
At our Paddington Acupuncture clinic we like to know a lot of things about you and one of those things includes your bowel motions! We know it might feel funny discussing it, but it is a very key way we…

Pain Relief: Pill or Pantry?

by Peter Delaney, Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Senior Practitioner. Pain is one of those things that affects everyone at some point in their life. We are so often encouraged to take pain relief medication such as Panadol or aspirin without really…

Acupuncture As Effective As Sleeping Medication

13 Feb, 2013
Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint encountered in clinical practice, whereby 70% of the population has suffered from it at least one point in their lives. Although insomnia is a common sleep complaint, it is often not a single…

Being Male

31 Oct, 2012
by Peter Delaney, Acupuncturist, Naturopath & Senior Practitioner Life as a male has its own challenges which are quite different to those of the females in our lives. For one we have a different driving physiology; testosterone being the big…
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How To Die Healthy

2 Oct, 2012
by Mary Melling, Senior Practitioner. The chronic degenerative diseases of aging are now known to be partly inheritance but mostly due to life style. We hear terrifying facts these days that many children being born now will not outlive their…