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Why Women Need Different Vitamins At Different Ages

20 Mar, 2022
Vitamins for Women: What to Take and When A woman who’s still menstruating needs different vitamins than a woman who is post-menopausal. Though health experts say food is still your most important source of nutrients, they also say meeting daily…
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Bad Habits Can Age You Over A Decade

30 Jul, 2020
Smoking, drinking too much, lack of exercise and poor diet can age you by 12 years, according to new research. The findings come from a study that tracked close to 5,000 British adults for 20 years. The fact that an…

7 Steps To Healthy, Happy Ageing

27 Nov, 2013
Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a slew of medical conditions or poor quality of life. Getting older involves change, both negative and positive, but you can enjoy aging if you understand what’s going on with your body and…
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How To Keep Your Mind Sharp

As you get older, your memory may start slipping. But keeping your brain healthy with mental workouts and simple lifestyle guidelines could help avert something more serious. Normal age-related memory loss usually affects your recent memory, rather than your remote…

The 9 Foods You Should Never Eat

12 Jun, 2013
Diet is one of those things we are all told contradictory opinions about. The raw food diet, the blood type diet, the Paleolithic diet, the Atkins diet, there are so many strands of belief claiming to be the best diet…

The Price You Pay For A Sedentary Lifestyle

26 Feb, 2013
Most of us are a little guilty, no? Too much sitting, not enough…well, non-sitting? The scary facts and figures of a sedentary lifestyle have been plastered across media outlets and health campaigns for some time now, but if you’d like…

Being Male

31 Oct, 2012
by Peter Delaney, Acupuncturist, Naturopath & Senior Practitioner Life as a male has its own challenges which are quite different to those of the females in our lives. For one we have a different driving physiology; testosterone being the big…

6 Steps To Ageing Gracefully

3 Oct, 2012
by Suzanne Wilson, Naturopath. In the year of 2000, 10% of the global population was aged 60 years or older and this percentage is projected to reach 21% by 2050 and according to Discover Magazine (2008 pp67-68) the average human…
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How To Die Healthy

2 Oct, 2012
by Mary Melling, Senior Practitioner. The chronic degenerative diseases of aging are now known to be partly inheritance but mostly due to life style. We hear terrifying facts these days that many children being born now will not outlive their…