10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier

12 Feb, 2014
Defining happiness is difficult, as happiness is actually a state of mind. What brings on happiness is therefore unique to the individual person; what makes you happy may be quite different from what makes your neighbour or your friend happy.…
Food Fat

Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?

31 Jan, 2013
There are enough research articles circling through cyberspace to show very strong evidence that diet and depression and profoundly linked. However, is diet a cause of depression or an aggravating factor? Well, though there is plenty of evidence that there…
Massage – A Treatment, Not a Treat

Massage – A Treatment, Not a Treat

27 Jun, 2012
Most of us think of massage as indulgence. We get one as a treat, and if we’re really lucky, our spouse might give us a massage at the end of a long, hard day just to make us feel nice.…
What Food Do You Need?

What Food Do You Need?

19 Jun, 2012
If you are experiencing any unusual health symptoms, a nutrient deficiency could be to blame. Below is a list of common nutrient deficiency symptoms and foods you should eat if you think you need more. Magnesium Deficiency: 75 to 85%…