Dear Potential Father: Please Read

31 Oct, 2012
If you could do something very simple to conceive a baby would you do it? Imagine a car. Let’s say it’s not running well and you spend a lot of time and a lot of money fixing the engine. You…
Skin Deep

Skin Deep

by Suzanne Wilson, Naturopath. Society reminds us that we need to look younger with the latest scientifically proven anti-aging product. It tells us that if we eat chocolate we will get pimples and if we have a rash to use…
What Your Blood Says About Your Digestion

What Your Blood Says About Your Digestion

11 Jul, 2012
The same “weight loss” diet is not going to work for us all. Why? Because depending on our biochemistry, the foods we eat react with our blood in order to help us or hinder us, and this reaction is part…
Heavy Metals Test

What Is Wrong With Me?

It’s a common thing to hear in the clinic, “I’ve been to the doctors, I’ve had the testing done and they can’t find anything wrong with me. They say nothing is wrong.” So many confused patients of ours have felt…