What Is Wrong With Me?

It’s a common thing to hear in the clinic, “I’ve been to the doctors, I’ve had the testing done and they can’t find anything wrong with me. They say nothing is wrong.”

So many confused patients of ours have felt very unwell only to be left in the dark as to what the source of their problem is. And what our usual response is, “Well, you’ve come to the right place. We completely understand how distressing it feels for you, which is why we have lots of specialized testing we can do which, unfortunately, doctors don’t carry out, but which can show very clearly what the problem may well be.”

Here are a handful of diagnostic testing we do at the clinic, which our patients often love:

1. Food Detective

Food DetectiveThis a simple blood test which tests for specific food intolerances. We can perform this test if someone is complaining of immune problems, digestive problems, headaches and/or vague symptoms like “foggy thinking”, bloating, and general feelings of unwellness. The Food Detective test can assess your reaction to over 55 common food types, and can class your reaction to each food type as being mild or strong. By determining which foods are causing negative immune reactions in your body, one then goes on an elimination diet to clear the body. People are often very surprised at which foods they show up intolerant to, because often they are ones they consume regularly. By removing these aggravating foods, people can experience dramatic changes in their health and their overall feelings of well being.

“They say sleep deprivation is a form of torture – I can vouch for that. I suffered chronic insomnia for about 15 years and had always put it down to ‘years of studying’, ‘hormones, ’‘too much coffee’ etc etc…. I have also suffered from bloating, abdominal cramps & anxiety for as long as I can remember. I envisaged a long road of herbal tonics, vitamin/mineral supplementation and acupuncture, but in my initial consultation with Peter Delaney when discussing my general health history, he soon pinpointed that the FOODS I was eating were possibly the cause. “But I’m not allergic to anything?” was my initial thought, but it soon became clear that food ‘intolerances’ can be equally as problematic. I agreed to have the Food Detective test on the spot – after many years of unexplainable insomnia I was desperate for a clue. I found out I was intolerant to wheat and peppers/chilli – foods I ate on a regular/dailybasis. Within a week of eliminating these I felt an enormous change in my energy levels and no more bloating or abdominal irritations. More importantly, by the 6 week mark I was sleeping soundly for 8 hours minimum each night and I feel like acompletely different person. The wide availability of gluten-free foods these days has made it such an easy transition to my new diet, and I can still enjoy the meals I love. I recommend the Food Detective test to anyone who thinks food intolerance is hampering their quality of life – it definitely changed my life for the better.” Lyndal Wayman, Hope Island, Gold Coast

Find out more about our Food Detective testing here.

2. Indicans Test

Indicans TestThis is a great tool we use for those people we suspect have toxicity in their digestive system. We test the urine to identify levels of intestinal dysbiosis (or bad bacteria in the gut). According to the ‘cloudiness’ of the urine during the testing, this gives us an idea of the levels of gut and bowel toxicity the person is presenting with, and what kind of detox may be appropriate for them in order to clear out unwanted waste products and kick-start their digestive systems. What people love about this is that they can see how their toxicity in changing throughout their detox, because we re-do urine testing afterwards. People are amazed at how in the beginning the results were dark and cloudy and after detoxing suddenly were clear and transparent!

3. Heavy Metals Test

Heavy Metals TestMany people do not think of heavy metals when they are finding answers to their health concerns. In fact, may patients who have been tested and were found to have toxic chemicals in their systems, have not been aware of this until testing, nor have they any idea of when and/or where they were exposed to it.

Heavy metals that are toxic to our bodies such as Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury and Nickel can have an antagonistic effect on essential vitamins and minerals found in our foods and over time, can have a negative impact on our health. For example, aluminium is commonly found in antiperspirants and can reduce zinc, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium levels in the body, thus causing mineral loss from our bones as well as skin problems and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Heavy metals and some toxic substances that have not been used for years can still take a very long time to break down, if ever, and may be present in your local or work environments. Often, clients are amazed at what shows up and they are relieved to be able to get help in testing for and clearing these substances.

Call us for more information about the kinds of diagnostic testing available at the clinic, and which tests might be of value to you.