Naturopathy For Weight Loss

4 Aug, 2020
Are you trying to lose weight but it seems like no matter what you do you can’t? There are many reasons weight loss might not be happening, and at Paddington Clinic, we work to understand and correct the underlying reason.…

5 Simple Tips To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

1 Apr, 2014
With Easter around the corner, many people tend to regard this time of year as a well-deserved break including a myriad of sweets, carb-heavy comfort foods, alcohol and more than a few excuses for skipping the gym. There are plenty…

Magnesium For Stress

16 Jan, 2014
Tired? Can’t sleep? Tight muscles? Cramps? Headaches? Stressed?   Let’s Talk Magnesium Magnesium may be the most commonly deficient mineral in human nutrition. It is involved in around 300 essential biochemical reactions, including protein synthesis, testosterone production, insulin sensitivity, calcium…

Fat Loss – Why It Might Not Be Happening

2 Sep, 2013
by Peter Delaney. Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing the health of the Australian population. One in two women is overweight or obese and 2 out of three men have the same problems. There are many reasons for…

The 9 Foods You Should Never Eat

12 Jun, 2013
Diet is one of those things we are all told contradictory opinions about. The raw food diet, the blood type diet, the Paleolithic diet, the Atkins diet, there are so many strands of belief claiming to be the best diet…
What Your Blood Says About Your Digestion

What Your Blood Says About Your Digestion

11 Jul, 2012
The same “weight loss” diet is not going to work for us all. Why? Because depending on our biochemistry, the foods we eat react with our blood in order to help us or hinder us, and this reaction is part…
Four Reasons To Get Behind Dry July

Four Reasons To Get Behind Dry July

4 Jul, 2012
Did you know that it’s Dry July? Dry July is a month dedicated to giving up alcohol, in order to raise money towards creating better environments and support networks for adult cancer patients and their families. As tough a challenge…
Do-It-Yourself Winter Health Tips

Do-It-Yourself Winter Health Tips

13 Jun, 2012
Winter is approaching and it’s a time our bodies are adapting to changes in environment. With this, there’s a tendency to hibernate indoors and develop a greater appetite for more comforting and richer foods. Here are some tips to help…