Stay Healthy This Christmas & Start The Year Feeling Energized

Stay Healthy This Christmas & Start The Year Feeling Energized.

The silly season has arrived. Partying, drinking, indulging, overeating and running on empty; it’s no wonder many of us feel tired, rundown, overweight and stressed as the new year begins. Christmas is a time for overindulging, and we understand that this makes it extremely difficult stay focused on achieving your health goals!

But, what if this year you honored YOU and entered the new year feeling refreshed, energized, slim and relaxed? We have loads of tips on helping you stay healthy and welcoming the new year with vitality and freshness.

What is alcohol REALLY doing to me?

  • Causes electrolyte imbalance which reduces energy production, nerve firing and organ regulation, leaving you feeling tired, moody and out of whack
  • Kills essential bacteria which lines your gut and assists in many digestive roles
  • Destroys B vitamins, which are essential for all your metabolic processes such as energy production and red blood cell synthesis
  • Can cause hypoglycemia, even a day or two later, especially when drunk on an empty stomach
  • Causes sleep disturbances
  • Increases depressive symptoms
  • Increases free radical damage

How to avoid the negative effects of drinking:

  1. Support your liver and the detoxification process with Vitamin C and other liver supplement support
  2. Take probiotics to counter the destruction of essential gut bacteria
  3. Supplement with B vitamins
  4. Increase your intake of nutrients such as magnesium and antioxidants to boost energy and decrease free radical damage

How can I stay healthy during Christmas parties? Follow our top 5 rules:

  1. Keep your blood sugar levels in check – start the night with a protein shake or a nutritious snack to stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you full so you won’t be pigging out on canapés.
  2. Maintain hydration – for every alcoholic beverage have one glass of water
  3. Drink light drinks if possible
  4. Choose healthy canapés. If your choice is between sushi and spring rolls…sushi is the way to go.
  5. Take your supplements

How can I recover more quickly after over-indulging? Post party, it is worth following these guidelines to bounce back as quickly as possible, and to negate the possible mischief you may have gotten up to!

  1. Sleep  – this is one of the most important things you can do to assist the body in recovering
  2. Hydration – make sure you drink plenty of water, even if you are not feeling overly thirsty
  3. Take your supplements and/or herbs
  4. Start the morning with a protein rich breakfast – e.g. omelette, beans on toast – to balance blood sugar levels
  5. Go for some gentle exercise like a walk or swim to burn off extra calories and flush out remaining toxins
  6. Try the acupressure point, Liver 3, to stimulate detoxification!
If Christmas time brings up emotional stress, consider using Bach flower remedies, herbal remedies or nutritional supplements. Acupuncture and massage can also be very relaxing, plus there are certain ear acupuncture points which can be left in and have a very calming effect.

Talk to your Practitioner about which therapies, supplements and herbs will best support your body and your emotions this Christmas, so you can start the year  feeling energized, healthy, relaxed and inspired.