Healthy Eating for 2012 - Our Top 10 Tips

Healthy Eating For A New Year – Our Top 10 Tips

10 Jan, 2022
Second week into the year and there’s no better time to refine your eating habits and goals for  the new year. There is a saying, “Diet cures more than the doctor”, and it’s true: the role food and nutrition plays…

6 Common Causes of Brain Fog

5 Oct, 2021
Brain fog is a noticeable sign that your lifestyle and diet need an upgrade.   Research suggests that one in seven adults between the ages 18 to 39, and one in four adults older than 39, will experience some short-term…

Wholesome Christmas Menu

1 Dec, 2020
It’s that time of year — Christmas menus are planned, mouths watering in anticipation. But your tables don’t need to be full of high-fat, high-sugar, nutrient-deficient foods. Here is a menu sample of healthy Christmas meal ideas for your table…

Naturopathy For Weight Loss

4 Aug, 2020
Are you trying to lose weight but it seems like no matter what you do you can’t? There are many reasons weight loss might not be happening, and at Paddington Clinic, we work to understand and correct the underlying reason.…

10 Tips For Packing a Healthy Lunchbox

2 Feb, 2019
Struggling to think of nut free, healthy ideas for your little one’s lunch box? Here are some great ideas to get variety, nutrition and inspiration into your child’s lunchbox.  1. Keep it simple Using a bento style lunch box allows…