Growing Your Child’s Mind

Growing Your Child’s Mind

School-aged kids can have it tough. There are so many new faces, new rules and so much new information for your kids to take in.  The school year can be filled with anxiety, dread or excitement. Fortunately there are some simple and effective things you can do to give your kids a head start for their schooling years and a greater chance to enhance their happiness.

Sharpen Their Mental Focus

Herbs that support brain function include Brahmi, Ginkgo and Gotu Kola. These herbs have been shown to improve memory and learning in children by improving their focus and resilience under pressure. These herbs may be particularly useful if your children have poor concentration.

Eating adequate protein is another very important factor in creating stable moods and higher mental focus. Adequate protein keeps blood sugar levels balanced, preventing huge spikes in energy and the crashes in mood which soon follow. We have great low-sugar kid-friendly protein bars available at the clinic which are great snack ideas for kids’ lunch boxes.

Stress and Anxiety in Your Child

There can be many sources of stress and anxiety in a child’s life, school being the most obvious.  Anxiety can interfere with children’s confidence, attention and behaviour and is often associated with ADHD in children. The herb Passion flower can help to calm children whilst improving focus and behaviour. German chamomile is another great herb for children who might be anxious or stressed as it is gentle and calming.  Another herb called Zizyphus is also useful for childhood anxiety and stress. The combination of these three herbs can help children get off to sleep as well calming them down if they are experiencing day time anxiety. Other nutrients such as magnesium and calcium also play a role in helping kids if they are stressed. These herbs and minerals are best given in a powdered form so you adjust the dose to suit your child’s needs.  Talk to us about whether this combination is suitable for your child.

Feed Their Brains Fish

Many of you may have heard of the benefits of omega-3 essential fatty acids. It is mainly the DHA component of omega-3 fatty acids that is responsible for assisting with normal brain and visual function. In fact the brain and retina (in the eye) contain the highest content of DHA of any tissues. DHA has been shown in a number of experiments to enhance learning and memory.

For children and teenagers who have learning difficulties or students under high pressure, DHA from purified fish oil is an excellent choice. Most children do not eat enough oily fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines, so if you are looking for an easy way to get DHA into your children then come into the clinic where we can discuss some of the great tasting options available.

Simple recommendations to maximise your child’s learning experience and mental health:

  • Make sure your children eat a nutritious breakfast – there are many cereals out there that contain high levels of sugar, which can affect their concentration. Choose a whole-grain, healthy cereal for their breakfast, or get them into porridge.  Eggs are also a great way to start the day, as the protein can help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the morning.
  • Get your children off to bed at a reasonable time. Children need more sleep than adults and lack of sleep can affect their learning and behaviour.
  • Get into a regular routine and stick to it; this will make the start and end of the day less stressful for both you and your children.
  • Encourage your kids to talk about their day, this helps them develop their communication skills and can give you valuable insight into how they are going. If you sense any problems, discuss it with their teacher.

Want the best for your children?

These are just some of the great natural options available from our clinic for nourishing the mental health of your children and helping them get through school in tact. We have many other natural health solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of your kids so if you want the best for your children’s health, come and discuss available options with us today.