Our 5 Favourite Go-To Products To Have On Hand For Kids

5 Feb, 2022
Here at Padding ton Clinic, Brisbane, we love seeing your children and offering safe alternatives to their health care, whether it’s to test for food intolerances, to boost their immune systems, to calm their nerves, to help with digestive issues…

Keeping Kids Healthy at School: 6 Tips

2 Feb, 2022
With a new school year starting, parents and children alike are launching into busier schedules which can often override healthy choices in place of convenience. But by teaching kids some important healthy habits, parents can help make school and health…
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10 Natural Therapies That Can Help Children

1 Feb, 2022
Did you know that about 30% of children in Australia use holistic therapies of some form? Natural therapies is sought out for children either in lieu of medical treatments – for example using a homeopathic flu remedy instead of taking…
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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

25 Jan, 2022
A healthy diet is crucial in order to foster healthy, happy children. It’s easy to fall into the habit of giving kids the same food in their lunchboxes every day and more often than not, they tend to be packaged…
Growing Your Child’s Mind

Growing Your Child’s Mind

School-aged kids can have it tough. There are so many new faces, new rules and so much new information for your kids to take in.  The school year can be filled with anxiety, dread or excitement. Fortunately there are some…
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10 Tips For Packing a Healthy Lunchbox

2 Feb, 2019
Struggling to think of nut free, healthy ideas for your little one’s lunch box? Here are some great ideas to get variety, nutrition and inspiration into your child’s lunchbox.  1. Keep it simple Using a bento style lunch box allows…
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Healing After a Cesarean

1 May, 2018
Having a cesarean is not what many chose to have when they are pregnant. Of course there are some who perceive it as a safer option, others are advised later on in their pregnancy that it is their best option,…
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The Natural Baby Health Check-Up

1 May, 2018
It is common for a newborn baby to be given a health check-up by a paediatrician or GP but how many are checked over by a natural health practitioner with the different diagnostic tools they offer? At Paddington Clinic, we…