Do-It-Yourself Winter Health Tips

Do-It-Yourself Winter Health Tips

13 May, 2022
Winter is approaching and it’s a time our bodies are adapting to changes in environment. With this, there’s a tendency to hibernate indoors and develop a greater appetite for more comforting and richer foods. Here are some tips to help…
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What Has Exercise Got To Do With Fertility?

3 Jul, 2018
By Rachel Steward, Acupuncturist. Are you trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatment? Are you finding it stressful? You are not alone! In this article I will discuss some common experiences and how you can use exercise to build your…
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Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed

18 Feb, 2015
Over 800,000 Australians have type 2 diabetes, but new research suggests 60% can reverse this condition. New studies have found the number of Australians diagnosed with all types of diabetes has trebled in the past 20 years – and 800,000…

The Price You Pay For A Sedentary Lifestyle

26 Feb, 2013
Most of us are a little guilty, no? Too much sitting, not enough…well, non-sitting? The scary facts and figures of a sedentary lifestyle have been plastered across media outlets and health campaigns for some time now, but if you’d like…

7 Steps To Better Skin

Creating healthy skin is not solely about applying creams and lotions. Your skin is an organ of elimination, which means one of its purposes is to rid the body of toxins. Therefore, what appears on the skin surface is often…
Do You Need To Lose Weight

Do You Need To Lose Weight?

4 Jan, 2012
Have You Looked in the Mirror & Asked Yourself, “How did I end up here”? Are You Ready to Lead a Healthier & Happier Lifestyle? With almost 60% of the adult population overweight or obese, the search for an answer…