7 Steps To Better Skin

skin4 Creating healthy skin is not solely about applying creams and lotions. Your skin is an organ of elimination, which means one of its purposes is to rid the body of toxins. Therefore, what appears on the skin surface is often a manifestation of what is going on internally. If your body is congested with undigested food, toxicity, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, or stress, this will appear on the skin and no amount of lotions will restore skin health without cleansing and balancing from the inside out.

Possible Causes of Unhealthy Skin:

  • Digestive and detoxification system dysfunction
  • High stress levels increase skin inflammation
  • Congested lymphatic system
  • Impaired blood circulation
  • Diet high in preservatives, additives, fats and sugars
  • Diet low in balanced nutrients
  • Hormonal problems
  • Insulin problems (pimples)

7 steps to better skin

1. Regular Detox Programs Are For You

Detox programs aim to rid the body of digestive overload and toxicity. They help to clear out waste products and reboot the functions of your internal organs so they work better and faster without being weighed down by congestion. When your body is clean on the inside, you can notice it on the outside via fresh, radiant skin, and bright eyes. Find out more about our detox programs here.

2. Eat Well

The skin and face are some of the first places to show the effects of a poor or inappropriate diet. A poor diet leads to nutritional deficiencies as well as inflammation (pimples), lowered immunity and hormonal dysfunction. Dehydration is another huge factor in dulled appearances so make sure you are getting plenty of filtered water. Talk to one of our naturopaths if you need more specific dietary advice.

3. Nutritional  &  Herbal Supplements

Zinc, fish oils and Vitamin D are very important for skin integrity.  In addition, digestive herbs and formulas are very important in preventing microbial overgrowth, keeping your bowels regular, and supporting the immune system.  Adrenal support herbs and formulas are also very important in achieving healthy skin, because they help to regulate stress responses, boost adrenal function and improve sleep quality. It might also be necessary to support your hormonal system with herbs and supplements if that is the reason for skin flare-ups.

4. Be Active

Exercise is an extremely important part of creating healthy skin and a well-functioning internal system. In particular, it helps us remove internal toxins because it activates the lymphatic system, blood flow and causes us to sweat out lots of nasties.

5. Get Enough Sleep

If you don’t restore your energy levels with enough rest, you begin to deplete your adrenal glands. Inadequate sleep increases the stress response and lowers immunity. If you suffer sleep problems, click here for more information about how we can help.

6. Be Careful to Avoid Burn-out

Relax regularly and don’t feel guilty about it. Avoid overstimulating the nervous system with caffeine, sugar, and extended periods of stress. Learn to say no if it means continually over-extending yourself. Once your adrenals hit burn-out, hair, eyes, skin and overall vitality are greatly impacted. Acupuncture and massage are fantastic ways to reduce the stress response, as well as yoga and meditation.

7. Aim For Better Stress Management

Stress causes inflammation, sleep disruptions, adrenal fatigue, digestive dysfunction, immune deficiencies, and leads to nutritional deficiencies. You simply can’t have healthy skin or look vibrant when you are stressed because stress causes so many internal disruptions and manifests in a wide range of dulled appearances. Click here for more information about our stress management programs.