Naturopathy For Weight Loss

4 Aug, 2020

Are you trying to lose weight but it seems like no matter what you do you can’t?

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There are many reasons weight loss might not be happening, and at Paddington Clinic, we work to understand and correct the underlying reason. Problems with liver function can affect someone’s ability to lose weight, along with hormonal imbalances like estrogen dominance,  low thyroid, and/or high cortisol. Dietary and nutrient markers are also important to assess, as well as any inflammation throughout the body. High inflammatory markers make it very hard for a person to lose weight.

It can be very frustrating for someone who feels they are doing all the right things including regular exercise and yet they can’t seem to lose the weight they are trying to. We work to uncover the driving factor and discover why their body doesn’t seem to be responding to positive changes.

One of the things a naturopath can perform is a cellular health analysis which tests the fat to muscle ratio and is used as a great marker to assess change throughout treatment. A naturopath will also look at things like a person’s inflammatory markers, along with liver function, hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. A naturopath can also investigate toxicity levels and advise on detoxification processes if that is what is weighing your body down. Once a naturopath has uncovered the underlying factors contributing to problems with weight loss, they can work with you with herbs, supplements or nutrients your body needs to clear the problem, as well as supporting lifestyle and dietary changes that may need to be made in accordance with your unique make-up. Digestive problems and stress are two additional factors that can greatly affect weight loss and these are all assessed by your naturopath too.

At Paddington Clinic, we offer a general Shake It weight loss program, along with a more personalised 6-week program with our naturopath Tracey in which she will uncover all the contributing factors to your weight loss problem, give a breakdown of results, iron out any issues and support clients in navigating better health with long-term results.

Feeling light, energized and free of the weight that holds you down doesn’t have to be something you just have to live with. Call us on 3369 0045 for more information, or book in for you weight loss appointment. There is so much we can do to help!