3 Week Gut + Liver Cleanse with our Naturopath Tracey

31 Aug, 2020

Tracey Loiterton crop

There are many benefits to internally cleansing the body like glowing skin, clearer eyes, better sleep, more stable moods, greater energy and reduced joint pain and inflammation. Many detoxes focus on the liver to cleanse, but what we have found is that it’s vital to look at the cause of where the toxins are coming from. That’s why we always take into account the gut — if the gut is off, it puts pressure on the liver to keep dealing with waste products, and that’s because an excess of “bad” gut bacteria creates a surplus of endotoxins within the body. We have found that cleansing both the liver and the gut simultaneously provides much more effective outcomes for your health and wellbeing.

At Paddington Clinic, we offer a customized 3-week Gut and Liver Cleanse with our naturopath Tracey who uses dietary changes, supplements and other personalized products to cleanse your gut and liver. She supports this gentle detox from both a naturopathic and TCM perspective, using both modalities to support the deepest level of cleansing and internal organ support. Testing is performed both before and after the cleanse to check for internal changes, such as inflammatory markers, and this is a great way for clients to match the benefits they are feeling within themselves to actual physical changes happening within their body.

When the gut is thriving and the liver isn’t burdened by toxins, the immune system is also more resilient. We are less susceptible to colds and flus, and we are giving our systems the best chance we can to withstand environmental toxins present in the world we live in.

If you feel sluggish, moody, foggy, or simply want to feel the benefits of what cleansing can do for you, call us on 3369 0045 to book in for your 3-week cleanse, or for more information.