Has this year left you feeling absolutely exhausted?

27 Nov, 2011

Has this year left you feeling absolutely exhausted?Most people today are living extremely stressful, busy lives, so it is normal to feel tired sometimes. This tiredness generally resolves itself after some rest and relaxation. Increasingly though, persistent tiredness is becoming a major problem for many people. Fatigue is a common presenting complaint, but it is often misunderstood, and at times even dismissed, particularly if there is no easily identifiable cause.

There are multiple reasons why you may feel fatigued. Ask a Naturopath and they will have one take. Ask an Acupuncturist, and they will have another. From a natural medicine point of view, the good news is, there are many ways to uncover the cause of the problem. At Paddington Clinic, we do a lot of testing to analyse many factors which can contribute to persistent fatigue.

We use

  1. urine analysis to detect gut toxicity and heavy metal toxicity
  2. pH testing to determine body acidity
  3. BIA to analyse cellular health and fat to muscle ratio
  4. Food detective testing to detect any food intolerances

Our wellness assessments include thorough testing to look for the cause behind the fatigue, and then correct the imbalance with the most suited therapies.

Are you overloaded with heavy metals?

Is your Liver detoxing as well as it should be?

Are you intolerant to any foods?

Do you have a persistent low-grade infection?

These are all things we can find out for you. Plus, if you already know the cause of your fatigue (low thyroid functioning or low iron, for example) we have health solutions to support you naturally.

It May Be That You Need Nutritional Support

Magnesium: this mineral is used in over 300 chemical processes in your body! Magnesium plays a key role in energy production and many Australians are low in magnesium due to dietary insufficiencies.

Malic Acid: This nutrient can boost energy production as it is a key component in our cellular energy production pathways. Malic acid can help facilitate the production of energy and may increase stamina

Coenzyme Q10: this vitamin-like compound is essential for energy production. It is beneficial in the management of fatigue because it enhances cellular energy production and is also a powerful anti-oxidant

Lipoic Acid: this nutrient is important for the transport and conversion of carbohydrates into energy. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids: Found in fish oils, these nutrients are vital for the integrity and stability of every cell in our body. Omega-3 oils stimulate energy production and help lower stress levels

B Vitamins: All of the B vitamins are essential for the Krebs cycle to produce energy. A combination that includes magnesium with B vitamins is likely to help you feel energized and able to enjoy life.

You Are What You Eat

The quality and balance of food you are eating will have a considerable impact on your energy and vitality. Unstable blood sugar levels from refined, carb-dominated diets cause peaks and crashes in energy, while consuming good quality protein in most meals, or in between meals, stabalizes blood sugar levels, keeping your energy stable for long periods of time. Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water throughout the day means you will not be depleteing your body of the essential nutrients it needs for energy production, and your cells are not dehydrated and structurally impaired. For quick, healthy and easy recipe ideas, click here.

Use It or Lose It

Engaging in regular physical activity is also important, as it can help address some of the underlying causes of your fatigue. Click here for more information

Of course, not the same type of exercise will be helpful for everyone, so be sure to work with your Practitioner to find the best exercise program for your specific requirements.

Is Toxicity to Blame?

Our bodies have an amazing ability to eliminate toxins from our food, water, air and environment. However, if the accumulation of toxins is too high (worsened by our modern day diets, coffee and alcohol consumption, cosmetic product use and other lifestyle factors), our systems become burdened as they work to flush out unwanted nasties and we can feel sluggish, moody, achy and chronically tired. Heavy metals may also be to blame, and quite often, our patients are surprised to discover just how much build up there is in their own systems.

Above All, Recharge Your Batteries!

Holidays give us all a chance to enjoy a well deserved break, and to rest and recover from our hectic lives. We could all have diets to be envied by the most health-conscious of all, but if we never take time out to rest, how are our energy levels supposed to recoup? Take time regularly, and especially this coming festive season, to enjoy being with loved ones, or participating in passions which recharge your batteries. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing we can do, after all.

If you suffer persistent tiredness, it does not have to be put up with. We have a fatigue solution just for you.