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RECIPE: Strawberry Roll-Ups

28 Apr, 2016
These are great for kid’s lunch boxes and are so much healthier than your store bought varieties as they are refined sugar free! Ingredients: 1 punnet washed strawberries A splash of lemon juice (helps retain the bright colour) 1 tblspoon…
Vegetable Curry

One Week Meal Plan

4 Jan, 2016
Eating well often calls for organization, especially during the week when we’re time strapped and need something on the dinner table quickly. Here are some great recipes and a weekly meal plan to take the stress out of wondering what…
Mousse Pudding


27 Feb, 2014
This is a guilt-free sweet fix recipe. Very quick and simple to prepare and has the texture of chocolate mousse. Raw cocao is rich source of magnesium, iron and flavonoids. Flavonoids are a potent anti-oxidants that protect the cells against…
Cashew Milk

RECIPE: Cashew Nut Milk: Your Detox Must-Have

15 Jan, 2014
Cashew nut milk is a wonderful staple to have in the fridge whilst detoxing. You can utilise it for smoothies, chia dandelion teas, etc, and it’s easy to make yourself at home.         Benefits of cashew nut…