Recommended Acupuncture Schedule for Pregnancy

2 Mar, 2021
Here at Paddington Clinic, we have long supported people on their pregnancy journeys using natural therapies. Using a combination of naturopathy, acupuncture, massage, herbal and supplement support can be beneficial in ensuring that both you & your partner are healthy…
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Healing After a Cesarean

1 May, 2018
Having a cesarean is not what many chose to have when they are pregnant. Of course there are some who perceive it as a safer option, others are advised later on in their pregnancy that it is their best option,…

Preventing Preeclampsia With Natural Therapies

25 Feb, 2014
What Is Preeclampsia? Preeclampsia is a condition in which pregnant women experience a sudden increase in blood pressure anytime after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The condition is also marked by high levels of protein in the urine. Women with preeclampsia…

Natural Remedies For Common Pregnancy Ailments

29 Jan, 2014
Although a “comfortable pregnancy” might actually be an oxymoron for some women, there are many natural remedies out there which can lessen the discomfort of common pregnancy ailments. HEARTBURN A few common sense moves can keep you off the over-the-counter…
WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Fertilty – Helping It Happen

What Your Baby Inherits: The Need For Pregnancy Preparation

25 Jul, 2013
by fertility expert Mary Melling. Traditionally in China, perspective parents would spend a year getting to their optimal health before becoming pregnant. This is a known concern in Chinese medicine that if both parents are in fantastic health both mentally…

Dear Potential Father: Please Read

31 Oct, 2012
If you could do something very simple to conceive a baby would you do it? Imagine a car. Let’s say it’s not running well and you spend a lot of time and a lot of money fixing the engine. You…
Massage – A Treatment, Not a Treat

Massage – A Treatment, Not a Treat

27 Jun, 2012
Most of us think of massage as indulgence. We get one as a treat, and if we’re really lucky, our spouse might give us a massage at the end of a long, hard day just to make us feel nice.…
What Food Do You Need?

What Food Do You Need?

19 Jun, 2012
If you are experiencing any unusual health symptoms, a nutrient deficiency could be to blame. Below is a list of common nutrient deficiency symptoms and foods you should eat if you think you need more. Magnesium Deficiency: 75 to 85%…