The Coronavirus: 10 Tips

4 Jan, 2022

Healthy Ageing & Wellness Brisbane

The coronavirus is the constant thing we see in the news at the moment and for some people it is sending them into a panic. When you look at the facts it is likely that many of us will eventually come into contact with the virus. HOWEVER, we are often being shown or told about the worst scenarios. In fact, in many people it seems have milder symptoms than expected. This is not to say we ignore the threat of the virus but there are positive things we can do to support our health, particularly things we can do to help our immune apart from washing our hands, etc.

  1. Do not stress about it. Stress is a known factor to weaken our immune system. Learning some relaxation techniques is very important.
  2. Look after your diet and make sure you are having enough protein and plenty of vegetables. If you know there are certain foods that you seem to react to then really avoid them at the moment.
  3. Look after your gut. We know our immune system is strongly active in our gut and this maybe a time to take a good quality probiotic to support your gut during this time.
  4. Regular acupuncture can really support our energy system and the more energy we have to fight infections the better. Also, there are specific points to help give our immune system a boost.
  5. There are some fabulous herbs to boost your immune and many of you who have been coming to the clinic over the past 37 years will know the wonders of herbs such Echinacea and andrographis. We are so fortunate to have superb quality of herbs we can access as practitioners. All the people working at the clinic have started taking herbs to support their immune system. We even have formulas that children can take. Just talk to your practitioner about more details on how to support a healthy immune system.
  6. Mushrooms have the ability to help the immune system too and we have a wonderful mushroom formula we use here but you could also make sure you are having mushrooms such as shitake in your diet.
  7. Vitamin C and zinc are also a wonderful immune booster and sometimes it’s necessary to take extra Vit C as we don’t store it in our bodies. Zinc too is easily depleted especially when the immune is compromised or the body has been under stress.
  8. Lymphatic drainage can help the lymph system to cleanse and in this respect support the immune system. Peta our massage therapist does a wonderful relaxing lymphatic drainage.
  9. Recent reports from China show that Chinese herbal medicine is having great success in dealing with the current viral outbreak and maybe a great support at this time.
  10. Talk to your practitioner about the best approach for your family.