Why Is Cancer Such a Scary Word?

4 Apr, 2018

Why is it that the word “cancer’ is such a scary diagnosis for most people?

by Peter Delaney, Acupuncturist and Naturopath

Most of us know someone who has been confronted with cancer; it is becoming a more and more common diagnosis. It is estimated that in Australia in 2018 there will be 138,321 new cases of cancer diagnosed, roughly divided equally between men and women with men being more likely. Roughly one third of those diagnosed will die.*
For a lot of people they feel very disempowered, confused and unsure of what they should do moving forward. The medical system have a few options available — chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. The options are limited within the medical field however there is constant research to find better and more sophisticated and hopefully better treatments. If it we survive a certain period of time then we are given the “all clear”.
Diet and lifestyle are rarely mentioned and if they are it is usually, “well it can’t hurt”. Other forms of therapy are commonly discouraged as “they may interfere with the treatment”. There is no mention of food products, beauty products, cleaning products or cooking products to avoid — things that are known carcinogens. There is no Healthy Living program presented to patients to embark upon – one which reduces carcinogenic exposure, boosts immunity and naturally works to fight cancer cells. Many people are left in the dark, uneducated and therefore unable to make the best choices.
Besides diet, what about our mind set, past traumas, our belief systems? Do these things have any impact on our health? If we addressed these things would it change the outcome? There is a saying by Albert Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.  We need to take control of the situation and take back our power to give us an increased chance of recovery. We need to reinvent ourselves, become a new version of ourselves. Most of us believe that cancer is a one way event and that the final outcome is that we die from that particular cancer, or that we need to learn to live with the fact that it is always present. This is a very powerful belief system. What if we changed the way we think about cancer and instead looked at it as just another biological process happening in our body that is happening every day? Our cells are continually changing and with it we have cell death and cell regeneration. What if we told ourselves to reproduce healthy cells and not the cancer cells. Is it possible?
Deepak Chopra says, ‘We must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible’.
There are people who have had spontaneous remission from cancer and other major illnesses. The Medical system sees this is just an “anomaly” and there is no reason for it happening that they can understand. It’s not a repeatable situation and it’s just the luck of the draw — it just happens. I think we need to look deeper at why people have these remarkable health changes rather than calling them an “anomaly’. What if we could take control of our diagnosis and our destiny and change our outcome. Is there a structured repeatable way to bring our body back into balance, to homeostasis and to health? There are people doing it all over the world and they are not as rare as we may think. New thinking basically says that we have more control over bodies than we give ourselves credit for.
Western medicine still has a long way to go to catch up to these new belief  systems as they are still stuck in the mechanistic view of the body and our biology. New forms of science is now showing that our mind has control over DNA and therefore cellular health. People such as Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza to name two are doing work within the areas of ‘quantum healing’, heart math and meditation. They say that it will take western medicine many years to catch up. To most people to whom a cancer diagnosis is given they may only have weeks or months or possible years. We really need to try and change things ourselves and not wait for possible treatments in the future.
Anything that brings us back into a state of balance and harmony surely has to be good for us in the long term. Things that relax us, make us feel good, connect us to our surroundings and friends surely is better than being stressed, anxious and out of control. Meditations, massage, Chinese medicine and naturopathy are are things that help us to more towards that holistic healthy place and should be considered in all chronic health problems.
If we could change the way we think about a diagnosis such as cancer and move in a forward more positive direction rather than living in a past paradigm, then surely we have a better chance of a positive outcome.
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