Four Reasons To Get Behind Dry July

4 Jul, 2012

Did you know that it’s Dry July?

Dry July is a month dedicated to giving up alcohol, in order to raise money towards creating better environments and support networks for adult cancer patients and their families.

As tough a challenge as it may sound to some, giving up alcohol has a number of health and lifestyle benefits. Here are our top four reasons for getting involved in Dry July this year:

1. The health benefits

The most obvious reason for giving up alcohol is of course, the benefits to your health; alcohol, among other things, is a toxin, digested immediately by the liver. Excessive alcohol consumption has also long been linked to numerous long-term health problems, like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease, and even cancer. Not to mention it is a drug, and, like others, poses strong addictive qualities that can affect your life quality. Here is a quick run down on what alcohol really does to your body:

Four Reasons To Get Behind Dry July

2. The benefits to your waistline

The body has no storage capacity for alcohol like it does for carbohydrates and fats, so it must be digested and processed immediately by the liver. Because it is a poison, the body must metabolise it as quickly as possible. While your liver is metabolising the glass of wine you’ve just consumed, it is unable to process any fats, carbohydrates or protein. As a direct result of this, alcohol consumption can also lead to a false sense of hunger, and your body will crave fatty foods, to soak up the booze. All these factors ultimately lead to weight gain. Giving it up for a month is a surefire way to shed a few quick kilos.

3. The beauty benefits

Waking up and facing the mirror after big night, is not often a pretty sight. You will likely appear tired, puffy-faced, and be sporting some dark bags under your eyes. Regular drinking is one of the fastest ways to age your skin, so giving your pores and peepers a breather for 31 days is the best facial you could invest in.

4. The benefits to your wallet

The average person will spend $40 a week on booze, and that’s not taking into account, the price of transport and cab fares to get home safely after a night out, and the food that often goes hand-in-hand with that beer or glass of wine. Cutting out alcohol for a month will probably save you around $200 – money you can spend on something you wouldn’t normally indulge in.

For many people, alcohol has become a regular aspect of daily life. Coming home from a long day’s work and unwinding with a glass of wine or a beer is a very common reality. While for many, this may not raise questions of dependence, there is no denying the addictive qualities of alcohol. If for no other reason, giving your chosen tipple the flick for a month will prove to you that you can, and that you are in full control of your body and your mind. Not to mention, like most other sacrifices in life, you will no doubt enjoy it all the more once you break the fast.

To sign up to Dry July, visit their website:

If you feel you need a more thorough detoxing click here to find out about our detox programs.