What About Me? The Hidden Cost of Compromise

13 Mar, 2012

What About Me? The Hidden Cost of CompromiseWe all sacrifice parts of ourselves and our lives for the greater good of our value systems. Some women place great value on their home lives and sacrifice huge amounts of themselves in order to adapt to their husband’s agenda, their child’s moods, the routine of the household and the pressures of the workforce. Some men place great value on achievement and life purpose and sacrifice a large proportion of themselves in order to gain financial stability, corporate success and to provide for their families.

In both men and women, compromise is a noble personal skill as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the health and happiness of the individual. We have far too often seen the detrimental impact imbalanced sacrifice has on people, and have found that it is absolutely necessary to find a place, a time, a retreat that is all yours and to not feel selfish or guilty about being there.

We all over extend ourselves constantly in the daily routine of surviving so if we don’t take the time to recharge, we very quickly find ourselves on the road to burnout. And once we are on that road, our lives, our relationships, our health and our happiness becomes greatly threatened.

How To Stop The Cycle

When we are in the cycle of compromise, we often put ourselves at the bottom of the “to do” list. However, it’s far easier to maintain good habits than it is trying to fix something once it’s broken. Both acupuncture and massage are wonderful therapies to restore your nervous system, give you the time-out you need and prevent imbalances from developing in your health. After treatments, we commonly hear from clients how they didn’t even realize how much they “needed that”, or how much more centred and happy they feel. Both acupuncture and massage release feel-good chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin, and most people find these therapies extremely relaxing. What’s more, they give you a sense of self – a place and a time that is solely yours to recharge, gain perspective and receive the health boost you need. No phones, no children, no demands.

It’s essential you put regular time aside for yourself and your health. Book yourself in for a massage or acupuncture and keep your sense of self and balance despite the demanding world we live in.

Healing begins with an aromatic bath and a daily massage.” – Hippocrates.