Diabetes – Too Much of a Good Thing?

7 Feb, 2012
Let’s be honest. Sometimes eating a piece of chocolate is the greatest of medicine. We are no angels, and to indulge every now and again, we believe, is good for the soul. However, let’s face the facts. There are approximately…
Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids

Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids

31 Jan, 2012
Breathing a sigh of relief now that school holidays are over and kids are back at school again? Well, think again. I’m sure many of you know how schools and child cares play a huge host to bacteria and viruses,…
Is IBS Ruling Your Life

Is IBS Ruling Your Life?

30 Jan, 2012
by Mary Melling, Naturopath and Acupuncturist. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, you may be one of the four million Australians who feel trapped by medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS is described as a…
Gut Herbals

Gut Herbals

28 Jan, 2012
by Debbie Leigh, Naturopath The digestive system is a long passage designed to break down food, process food, absorb nutrients and reject waste. Herbal medicine has a traditional emphasis on normalizing digestive functions.  This is because the stomach is the…
Heavy Metals – Are You Affected?

Heavy Metals – Are You Affected?

18 Jan, 2012
Unless you have worked on construction sites or hazardous waste areas, the thought of having heavy metal toxicity would be far-fetched. Arsenic, mercury, lead; the thought of these substances inside your body and causing you ill-health would most likely not…
Healthy Eating for 2012 - Our Top 10 Tips

Healthy Eating For A New Year – Our Top 10 Tips

10 Jan, 2012
Second week into the year and there’s no better time to refine your eating habits and goals for  the new year. There is a saying, “Diet cures more than the doctor”, and it’s true: the role food and nutrition plays…
Do You Need To Lose Weight

Do You Need To Lose Weight?

4 Jan, 2012
Have You Looked in the Mirror & Asked Yourself, “How did I end up here”? Are You Ready to Lead a Healthier & Happier Lifestyle? With almost 60% of the adult population overweight or obese, the search for an answer…
The Impact Of Toxins

The Impact Of Toxins

31 Dec, 2011
by Suzanne Wilson, Naturopath. The human body is designed to naturally eliminate harmful toxins and substances from our bodies. Detoxification is a fundamental bodily function.  In fact it has been a part of our culture for decades. The ancient Greek…
Toxic To Clean For a Fresh 2012 Start

Toxic To Clean For a Fresh Start

28 Dec, 2011
Picture two white pillowcases. Through one pillowcase you pour 6 glasses of filtered water and two cups of herbal tea. After one full year of continual use the pillow case will still be clear, virtually clean. Through the other you…